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Keep score easily with PointMaster, your go-to app for all your games like table tennis, tennis, Uno, and more.


* Available on iPhone, iPad and WatchOS

Works with Watch

PointMaster also works with your Apple Watch, so you can keep score right from your wrist.

Sync with iPhone

Open the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and the scores update together in real-time. 

Easy Scoring For Everyone

PointMaster is the ultimate app for keeping score in your favorite games like tennis, table tennis, and Uno. It’s super easy to use – just tap to add points. With special rules for different games, you’ll always know who’s winning.

Cool Features You’ll Love


PointMaster makes sports and game nights fun and easy. See what makes PointMaster unique:

PointMaster makes game nights fun and easy.

Get it now and make every game better! Available for download on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to frequently asked questions about PointMaster below.

What games does PointMaster support?

PointMaster currently supports tennis, table tennis, and Uno, with tennis and table tennis following official scoring rules. For Uno, the app allows users to simply increment and decrement scores with a tap. More games with their specific rules will be added in the future.

Is PointMaster available on Android devices?

As of now, PointMaster is only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. We are considering expanding to Android platforms, but no official decision has been made yet.

Can I add custom games or modify game rules in PointMaster?

Custom game modes are not available yet, but we are actively working on implementing a feature that will allow users to add custom games or modify existing game rules.

How does PointMaster handle scoring for multiple players or teams?

PointMaster supports scoring for up to 10 players or teams for games like Uno, and for tennis and table tennis, it supports 2 players or teams. The number of players will be configurable for future games based on what is feasible for each sport or game.

Can I share scores with others not using the app?

Currently, all scores are stored locally on your device. However, we plan to introduce an online scoring system that will allow for sharing scores beyond the app. The release date for this feature is yet to be announced.

Do I need an internet connection to use PointMaster?

No, PointMaster can be used fully offline, including on the Apple Watch without needing your iPhone nearby. This allows for convenient scoring no matter where you are.

Does PointMaster keep a history of scores?

Currently, PointMaster does not keep historical scores, but this is a feature we may consider adding in the future.

Is PointMaster free to use?

Yes, PointMaster is currently free to use. We aim to support a free version of the app while also exploring premium features to enhance user enjoyment and app quality in the future.